Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas around the house

from elves to christmas card trees & nativity sets, glitter houses and is a glimpse of christmas at our house! :0

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas in houston!

we had a fabulous christmas in houston! we played games, saw Princess & the Frog, saw old friends & hung out with family! thank you grandma & grandpa for a WONDERFUL Christmas! We love you!

showing off her & her baby's new dress to grandma & grandpa
grandma is a tickle monster! :)

playing in her "office"!

showing off her eye shadow!
a little performance with her new microphone

painting on her new easel

and pretending to garden! :)

christmas morning

good morning sleepy pants!

checking out her new baby crib and "glass" slippers
time to open presents!

this turned out to quite possibly be her favorite gift-she WILL NOT take it off!!!

she immediatly put it the gown on, along with her new glass slippers and started walking around & said, very seriously, "I think I'm getting married." :)

wishing daltie a merry christmas on the phone!

dressed up in her new dress, ready to head out & play some tunes!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve

we started out the evening at church for the christmas eve service. i was a bit nervous because the preacher had asked us to do our Jesus' birthday celebration that our family does which meant that chloe had to be on stage the entire service-eek! luckily, she did great though and we all remembered our parts :) afterwards we headed to mimi and papa's to do Jesus' Birthday with extended family and open gifts!
chloe & jonah
mia & nate

Brooks reading the Christmas story from the bible
lighting the candle
chloe insisted that she blow it out-of course! :)
decorating the gingerbread house
mimi & her gift from us & sister & bro-in law
what could this be?
a little excited!
posing by her dollhouse! and is missing its DOOR! we had to take the entire house back to pottery barn & exchange it because its door was broken! :(
and whats even more fun than a brand new dollhouse?! the box!
laying out cookies and milk for santa...she was saying, "maybe I should have just a little try!"


on christmas eve we were treated to SNOW! chloe loved playing in it (or at least trying to eat it!) you'll see after a few minutes we wised up and put a hat on the poor child! :)