Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Trails to You...

On Friday night we were invited to a really fun event! Lee Elementary is closing...yea-don't get me started...but they had a HUGE party for all the kids, teachers, past, present, etc.  We were able to set up a tent where we took pictures and printed them out while you waited! It was so much fun & we got to take lots of crazy pictures! Chloe was in the hands of Papa, Mimi, Aunt Lindsay & Uncle Lance (who were all there) and she had a blast! She rode the train, played in the bounce house, played in the bubbles & danced her little heart out! We will be so sad next Thursday when Lee is officially closed and we won't get to go visit Mimi there anymore...but last night sure was fun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday I got my tshirts I ordered in! Long story short-we wanted tshirts to wear to an event I'm photographing this weekend & didn't want to screen print them with the silly minimums-no fun & tooo expensive-plus what to do with a box full of tshirts! i also had the great idea that we could totally learn how to screen print ourselves on  anyway-so we ordered digital prints from They weren't super cheap-but cheaper than trying to cover a minimum with screen printing! I think for a tshirt for Nate & I it was $40 total.  I'm about to order family wants some & I totally forgot to order one for chloe!!! oops!! they are! P.S. Nate did not want to be my model so you are stuck with just me! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed to Houston to Nates parents this weekend! Oh wait, let me back up...we ended up not leaving until Saturday afternoon because I had a birthday party to we woke up Saturday morning & chloe wanted to dance & jump in our bed-pretty normal.....until she fell and practically broke her face! Poor baby has a horrible black eye and a banged up nose! Please don't call CPS on us! I promise we both were in bed watching her and then BANG! Okay-so back to Houston-we hung out and had such a great time! Our friends, Jason & Jon came over and Nate's sister too! It was a great, relaxing weekend! Here are alot of pictures! :0
waving bye bye
feeding colby

jason "watering the baby"
me, nate, jason & jon

splish splash!
showing off her sit-n-spin skills

feeding the ducks with Grandma
Grandma & Chloe in their shades!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

newest storyboards

sorry i haven't posted much about anthologie news is good news because it means i've been busy! yea! here are a few of the storyboards i got to do recently for clients! it sure does help to have adorable  subjects!! i'm booking for June send me an email if you are interested!

monday @ the arboretum

on monday we met our friends, The Taylors, The Stephens & The Seedigs at the arboretum! it was a warm day, but it felt nice in the shade! The kids enjoyed the petting zoo, the pretty flowers and a yummy picnic!
chloe with mama's shades
checking out the pony and the chickens
i guess you'd call this the flower house?!
dancing machine
chloe with her new star shades and sweet brookie

Friday, May 16, 2008

Main Street Days

Today we went to Main Street Days with some of our friends! It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and the kids had a blast! 
chloe @ the petting zoo
peeking in!
bennett, bella, chloe and the poor little bunny!
waiting to ride the train
chooo chooooo!

looking at the white tigers

Monday Playgroup

On Monday our friends, Abby, Mandy, Brynn, Ally, Hallie, Kristen, Jenny, Matthew & Molly came to play! We had so much fun swinging, sliding and having lunch! It is so fun to get together with our sweet friends! Thanks for coming to play!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the lake..and bueno..yummmm!

I forgot to post this earlier this week...we went to my grandparents house on Saturday night who live out on the lake-it was so good to see my sweet Poppy & Grammy! We hung out with my cousins, Jonah, Brooks & Zach and all took rides on the golf cart! It was Chloe's first time to get to "drive"! She loved it! She kept saying "beep beep, vroooom!" Also-on Mother's Day I got to pick where we were going to lunch-I HAD to pick my favorite...Taco Bueno...yuuummmmm! Chloe takes after her mommy & Daddy and enjoyed her usual cheese quesadilla dipped in, what else, cheese!

Monday, May 12, 2008

happy mothers day!

so,i guess i'm a little late wishing all you moms out there happy mother's day-but I didn't get a chance to yesterday! so happy mothers day to all the mammas!!! i've been busy with anthologie. and mailed my first five orders out to clients today!!! yea!!!  we had a fabulous weekend-Nate & Chloe gave me an awesome new camera with 2 pretty sweet lenses! yea!! :) plus a pedicure which I desperately needed! i'm sure my friends would agree!  i drug both nate & chloe all over the place taking pictures this weekend-I have a couple of outdoor photo shoots coming up and I needed examples of different spots! so my sweet hubby and baby indulged me & came along on my adventure! here are some of my favorites! I have to warn you-I was a little obnoxious & added a lot today! sorry! :)