Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged...Here are 10 Things

So I've been tagged by my sweet friend Ashley Krieg who not toooooo long ago moved to Tulsa! She is also expecting her second little girl! Our husbands were both Delts at Baylor and I THINK we were on the same hall in Collins freshman year. She has always reminded me of Meg Ryan-who I love-so thats a big compliment! Okay, so...here goes!

1.What were you doing 10 years ago?
Okay-that sounds like forever ago!!! I really had to think about this one! But-10 years ago I was 18...just starting at Baylor. I LOVED my "pot luck" roomate-Fran-who was from Houston. We immediatly clicked and will always be lifelong friends. I always have so much fun with her! She is now what I call my "sex in the city" friend because she is single and living in downtown dallas-SO FUN! Okay-so back to my freshman year...the first few weeks I HATED Baylor-it felt like I was at church camp! Especially Welcome Week...YUCK!!!! I was homesick and missing my boyfriend from high school who was 2 years younger than me. I came home all the time...but eventually got used to the whole college thing and sometimes miss it now!!!
2. What were you doing 5 years ago?
Let's see, I was living at home (which I also miss sometimes!...free food, no laundry, NO BILLS!!!) and teaching first grade in Coppell. It was AWESOME! I bought myself a Land Rover and just about every Louis Vuitton I could get my hands on! Although I still appreciate those purchases...Nate on the other hand couldn't believe I didn't save ANY money! Oh well! :) I was also recently engaged, because Nate had proposed in May of that year! Soooooo...I was busy planning a wedding!! Yea!
3. What were you doing 1 year ago?
I WAS HUGE!!!!! I was fat...hot and ready to have that baby!!!! Little did I know that she was coming two weeks early! I couldn't wait for her to arrive!
4. What did you do yesterday?
We had a fairly busy day. We were lazy in the morning, but after lunch had lots of errands to run. I had to bring breakfast to bible study this morning and so I planned on making a breakfast casserole and blueberry mufins. To be easy I thought I'd cook the sausage last night and the blueberry muffins...so I did...and then went to our Monday night girls bible study and left the muffins out to cool. When I came home I was taking them out and thought they seemed a little hard. They were like rocks!!!! I have no idea what went wrong-but apparently I stayed at Starbucks with the girls too long and should have called Nate to tell him to cover them or something! Oh well! Luckily had an extra thing of biscuits to make! Whew!
5. Snacks I enjoy...
Mmmmmm..okay-so I have a problem, when I want to snack I go all out, like last night I wanted a snack after bible study (yes I had just had a mocha, and shared some lemon bread) so I drove through Wendys and got a coke, fries and a cheeseburger! Thats my problem-I cant just snack little...I go ALL out! :)
6.Things I would do with 100 million dollars...
Travel! I would love to be able to travel more! AND shop! and don't worry-I'd share it too! :)
7. Locations I would run too...
Chloe is still falling every now and then...so I would run to her. Sometimes I want to run instead of walk to the nursery when we are picking her up after church cause I want to see her so bad. Other than that...I don't do a lot of running! Now if I could run and jump on a plane I'd go just about anywhere as long as I can bring my sweet baby and husband with me!
8. Bad habit I have...Eek-do you want the short list?! I tend to have anxiety issues sometimes-like I will be consumed with something and dwell on it. (Phil. 4:6) Does that make sense? Maybe another one of my bad habits is not making sense-who knows!
9. Things I like to do...
I love taking walks in the evenings with Nate and Chloe...I love to eat mexican food...I love to hang out with family...I love watching t.v....I love spending time with my friends...I love taking Chloe to new places and letting her experience new things for the first time...I love going to musicals...and reading blogs, just to name a few! :)
10. Biggest joy of the momment...
Watching Chloe grow up. She is so beautiful and amazing and funny and sweet. I have a feeling she may continue to be my biggest joy for quite a while! Don't worry Nate...I love you too!! :)

Whew! Sorry, that was long! If ya'll are reading...Claire B. and Rosemond C....tag-you're it! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Day!!

Chloe had such a fun Saturday! We started by heading to the Deli and the Farmers Market and then went to Kathryns soccer game! Chloe enjoyed watching Kathryn, but was more entertained by the soccer goal. She liked to play with the strings on it...until she got her head stuck in it-unfortunately I dont have a picture of that! :) Darn! Gotta have my camera ready next time! That afternoon we went to Colemans first birthday party and got to play with Coleman, Kathryn, Hannah and Landon, Silas, Henry and Bennett too! She really tried to "hang" with the boys, and at one point was standing on the Little Tikes picnic table! (Should I pay more attention to her?!?!) We'll blame that one on Daddy! She loved playing with the balloons and Coleman loved opening presents and eating his cupcake! To make the day even better, her WONDERFUL aunt Melissa babysat for her while we went to The Lion King. Does it get any better than that?!?! Thank you Melissa SOOOO much for giving us a night out on the town!!! You are amazing!!! We love you! :) This might have been Chloes "funnest" day yet! :)

Chloe trying to "join the team"

Right before getting our head caught! Oops!

Playing at the party!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


We took Chloe to her first Coppell High School football game on Friday night! She brought good luck with her because CHS won! Yea! She was sooooo quiet for the most part! She must have been in a little bit of shock just from all the people and things to look at! It was so crowded we had to park REALLY far away and on the walk over we lost her new bow...never fear...I had packed an extra (although it wasn't quite as cute!). Her favorite part BY FAR was half-time!Here are some pictures! :)

Chloe watching the drill team...

And eating the football we caught! Yum!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Butterfly, Butterfly

Butterfly, Butterfly

fly in the sky

Butterfly, Butterfly

fly so high!

On Wednesday we went on a field trip with the Coppell Early Childhood PTA to the Discovery Gardens at Fair Park to see the butterfly exhibit! Chloe had lots of fun with her friends looking at butterflies in the garden and enjoying a picnic! Here are some pictures! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

party at the playgroup...whoohoo!!!!

So today at our playgroup we celebrated Ally, Hallie and Chloe's upcoming birthdays! It was super fun and the girls even got gifts from Ally and Wyatt! We tried putting hats on all the kids...not a fab idea. Chloe is NOT a big fan! She threw a big fit and broke two hats! Sorry Brynn! I guess we have something to practice before Chloes real birthday party!!!! Wyatt was perfect and just sat there and smiled in his little party hat in the bumbo...oh, those were the days! :) We did have a great time though and Chloe had some tasty applesauce and a great time with her little friends...excluding the party hat incident!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too Many Ducks!!!!

We took Chloe to the park to swing, slide and feed the ducks! I think she got a little overwhelmed with all the ducks though! We brought some bread and at first there was only five little ducks that came out to eat.....but then there was a like a TON!!! She just kept pointing at them and then looking at us...like, "Guys...do you see this?!?!" We even gave her some bread to feed the ducks, but she kept eating it herself! Oh well! :) She is just so funny!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do I kick the ball?!

Today we went to Kathryns first soccer game! She looked super cute in her big red bow and tiny little soccer cleats! She wasn't a HUGE fan of running and trying to kick the ball...I think her favorite part was half time when she got to have some juice and an orange! We had a lot of fun though and were glad that Chloe cooperated through naptime! She did love the pink soccer ball!!Here are some pics!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My little moppet!

So today was Chloe's first day at Moppets at IBC! Mimi bought her a new outfit and she wore her brand new shoes...which she tried to eat once they were on her feet...lovely. She had lots of fun though while I was at MOPS and afterwards we met the Bales at the park for lunch! Coleman and Chloe even got to swing together...which was soooo fun until we couldnt get them out because of their chub legs! Oh well! :0 At least we got a good laugh! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stride what?!?!

So tonight we all made the trip to Stride Rite to buy Chloe a good pair of walking shoes! She loves her pink squeeky shoes...but believe it or not she does have a few outfits that pink shoes don't go with. So....we thought we would buy her a good pair of brown or black shoes she can also wear to play in. Now, considering how quickly their tiny little feet grow you would think you could find a real bargain! HA! We found a cute pair of black shoes..ON SALE...we thought would work only to find out that Chloe still has some "baby chub" on the tops of her feet and the shoes weren't wide enough. We finally found a pair of cute brown shoes...that worked great...for the mere price of $48!!!!!! Am I crazy or is that outrageous?!?! Add in the $4 pair of fancy socks and we were outta there...and outta money! What have we gotten ourselves into?!?! :)

The carnival!

So...Chloe got to go to her first carnival this weekend! I grew up spending all three days at the St. Ann's Carnival each fall because we lived so close, so it shouldn't be a big surprise Chloe got to go Friday and Saturday! Her favorite part by far was the carousel horses! They seemed to go quite a bit faster than the actual ponies! She was so funny because she would smile and wave at the people as she would go around and around...almost like she was in a parade!
The petting zoo was fun too...we payed for Lindsay to come in and pick up a bunny for Chloe to see (because I wasn't about to touch it!) and the rabbit ended up peeing on Lindsays hand! Ha!!!
She was less than thrilled! :) All things considered the carnival was a big hit and we can't wait till next fall when the carnies all come back to entertain us all again!