Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new boots and a rain coat!

last night mimi stopped by with a surprise! new rain boots and a new rain coat! She found them on sale at Gap for super cheap and decided Chloe needed them! Chloe wanted to wear them all throughout dinner and then proudly marched around the house in them before settling in to her Jeep with them on! Such a funny little girl! :)  and no...the jeep is not staying in the living room all the time...but since it was so cold outside yesterday we thought we'd let her play with it indoors!!!

chloe's first movie!

On Saturday we took Chloe to her first movie! The weather was nasty outside and we didn't have anything else to we thought we would give it a try! We took her to the dollar movie to see Madagascar 2.  After loading up on snacks and drinks at the snack bar we hit the theater! We sat on the end of the aisle, near the back because we weren't sure how long she would last! She LOVED getting to hold her ticket and eat her popcorn, and mommy's pickle and enjoy her lemonade during the movie! She kept looking at us, saying, "this is fun!, this is fun!" She stayed in her seat until the last 25 minutes of the movie where she decided she much preferred watching it standing up in the middle of the aisle by daddy's seat...which was fine with us as long as she was happy and quiet!  We were both shocked that she lasted the whole movie and had a great time!!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

at the park...

today is beeeeeeeeeautiful! with a high of 78 we HAD to play outside! we met the taylor twins and the coates at the park today and had lunch and played! afterwards chloe and i came home and went for a we were walking I said, "chloe, I love you sooo much!"...she usually replies with, "Uh-huh!", but today she looked up at me and said, "I love you too Mommy." Oh! My heart melted! :) I couldn't be happier! On another happy sister went to the doctor today and the baby is doing great! :) Yea!! 

eating Caleb's food!
silly caleb


chloe & kit

lunch with Papa

Yesterday we met Papa (my dad) for lunch at Larry's.  Larry's is a restaurant that we have been going to forever-we used to eat their when we lived in The Colony and now my dads office is close-by! Its like a Dairy Queen but even better! Chloe and I always share a steak finger basket, with fries and gravy and Texas toast....mmmmmm!  So healthy, right?!

playing with the juke box

jammin out!

Monday playgroup!

on monday we met our playgroup at Jenny's house.  Chloe loved playing with her friends, eating pizza and decorating Valentines cookies! 

chloe and her friends at lunch time!
eating her frosting...rather than decorating her cookie
chloe (spider man) and matthew
dr. chloe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

happy birthday jonah!

on sunday night we celebrated Jonah's (our cousin) birthday! Chloe LOVES Jonah so she had a great time! She went up and down the stairs about a million times with him, clapped when he sang & played his guitar and helped him blow out the candles and open presents! She didn't want to come home! 

playing with Jonah's phone
 she found Jonah's old rain boots from when he was her size!
my little poser!
laughing at Mimi
looking at Jonah & Brooksies fish

just hanging out!

playing under the bed with simon the cat

Jonah performing for us!

wondering where her presents are!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

chloe and her new barbie jeep!

nates parents came in town this weekend and brought with them a Barbie Jeep for Chloe! She was so excited!!!! Her favorite thing to do in it is watch tv! Yes, my child is a bit afraid of actually driving her Jeep.  So we played with it for a little while outside and then she wanted to bring it inside! So, we squeezed it into the living room and she hasn't stopped playing with it!!! She wants to eat in it, play with her babies in it, watch t.v. and she even put pillows inside of it.  She loves opening and shutting the doors and "driving too fast for Mimi" which consists of Chloe jerking the wheel side to side really fast, not actually going anywhere! She also loves the radio, even though Mommy has to remind her to turn it down!!!!  here is the progression of the evening.....

"ooooh, wow!"

getting strapped in!

fraidy cat!

mommy driving it, trying to convince her its fun!
still a bit unsure...

checking out the radio

grandma & grandpa "driving it" with her, until eventually even this scared her!

happy now! sitting in her jeep, watching her favorite show..."Pee-Wee's Playhouse"


market street

yep-we are big fans.  to all of you who say it is "over-rated & over-priced" I say to you..."boo".  I am not a big fan of grocery shopping, like not at all, so if a store can lure me in with their bigness, prettiness and yummy samples-I'm in! We took Chloe on opening day and had so much fun! We ate lots of samples and bought way too many groceries! Chloe loves it because she can push her own just have to keep an eye on her because she has a slight tendency to "add things to her cart", especially if those items have Mickey Mouse, Dora or Curious George on them! Afterwards we ate pizza there and watched American Idol! What more can you ask of your grocery store?!! We went back on Saturday to get a few more things so I snapped a few more pictures!

stonebriar with the twins

on Tuesday we met the Taylors at the Stonebriar to play, eat lunch and do some shopping! Chloe, Caleb & Caroline all loved playing on the toys...but were much more interested in the toys that you paid to ride (of course!).  Although Katherine and I really wanted to get more shopping done...the kids thought otherwise...they are no longer big fans of their strollers...DARN! :0 later that night chloe wanted to try on her new swimsuits and insisted on standing on her "stage" during American Idol so that she could dance along!

all aboard!
chloe, caroline and caleb in the coffee cup!
hanging out in the "poon"
looking good!


playing some tunes