Sunday, July 27, 2008

the beach

we had so much fun at the beach! chloe loved the sand and the ocean and LOVED being spoiled by up to 7 family members at a time! if only we could have stayed longer! when i got home i realized i had taken exactly 700 pictures and we were only gone for 6 days! Oh my! are a few of my absolute favorites! 

walking Colby-Aunt Mel's dog
wait up colby!
watching a wedding on the beach

oh goodness...tutu's AND cowboy hats?! she is SO my child!
on the steps of the Seachild-where I grew up going each Summer

chloe and her friend-her shadow!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

i scream for ice cream!

oh goodness! chloe is starting to get her 2 year molars...was this tough for anyone else?! talk about a little fuss bucket! BUT...we are trying to keep her happy and this evening we ran up to Marble Slab for a little treat! Chloe picked out cotton candy ice cream and got to sample everyone elses too! Oh yea...AND MY BABY HAS PIG TAILS NOW!!!! (also known as "piggies"!!) I'm so excited!!! 
picking out her flavor
silly chloe
i want that one!
sharing with Mimi

silly girl


Camp Sunshine Friday

This morning we met our friends at Kid Country for bubble time! Chloe had a blast chasing the bubbles...and her friends! She spent the majority of her time going up and down the stairs a million times! Afterwards, we all headed over to the aquatics center for swimming.  She got a cool new beach ball from ECPTA which she loved playing with in the pool! Here are some pictures!
up and down!

mmmm...I sure am hungry after swimming!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camp Sunshine Wednesday

Yesterday we were busy with little gym and a funeral so we missed "camp sunshine...but, this morning we had fun at Annette and Ryans house! Chloe loved dancing with Mommy, gluing on "fish" and eating Jello! Here are some pictures!

yummy jello snacks!

enjoying her "snack snack"
the "masterpieces"

chasing bubbles

climbing with caleb
making play-doh pancakes
searching for shells in the sand

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

busy busy monday

Yesterday Chloe and I had a very fun filled day! We started off at "Camp Sunshine" with our sweet friends at Molly's house! We had fun making hats, eating snacks and dancing around! Then we headed off to Jenny's for a playgroup with friends.  Chloe loved seeing her friends,  jumping on Matthew's bed and choosing the sand and water table as her own personal kiddie pool! Later she got to enjoy a "slumber party" at Mimi and Papa's house so that the girls from bible study could hang out over here.  This time we choose a wedding theme and everyone brought their wedding albums! It was so fun to see everyones! At the request of my silly friends I shall not post their pictures...but I will post the before shot! :) The wedding cake by Donna Jackson was sooooo good! Yum, Yum!! It was fun girls!

helping with crafts

row, row, row your boat

swinging her little heart out!
such the little helper
singing and dancing with caroline
but i want these!
working hard on her craft

chloe in her hat
our attempt at a group shot

playing with ally and matthew
playing in the sand at playgroup
just my size!

party time!