Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my favorite time of day

My favorite time of day is around 5:00. Nate gets home and Chloe, being the sleepy bug that she is, is usually still asleep. So, we turn on music really loud and open her bedroom door so we can wake her up (she can be very grouchy if you just go in and get her up!). Then we have what we call "dance party", where all 3 of us dance around the room to everything from The Beatles to Dylan, and sometimes even Footloose, Chloe's favorite! Each day we choose a different cd or record to dance to and some of our friends and family even know that if you come over during dance party, you HAVE to join in! :) Here are some pictures of our little dancing queen! You'll notice I left Nate and I out of the picture, Chloe is a MUCH better dancer than we are!
twirling and clapping chloe!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

playgroup & chilly weather!

On Monday, Chloe and I went to Abby and Mandys house for playgroup. It was so fun to see our friends and had a fabulous lunch! The pic. above is Chloe enjoying some alone time with a book (one of her all time favorite activities) and the pic below is Chloe harassing sweet Wyatt in the jumper!
When Nate came home we decided to go for a walk, which we haven't done in FOREVER because it has been so cold!!! But, it had warmed up a bit so we bundled Chloe up and took her cruisin. She was so funny because she was so stiff all bundled up in her clothes that she kept her hands on the wheel at "10 & 2" the whole time! Nate said she will be a great driver when she turns 16! (I don't want to even begin to think about that!!) Anyways here is a picture of our funny, but very serious, driver! :) Notice, her hands...still on the wheel at 10 & 2 and we are all the way back from our walk!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chloe's First Haircut!

Yes, I know what you are thinking...Chloe HAS no hair to cut! Well, she had accumulated quite the mullet! She also had random peices of hair that were growing much quicker than others. So, we went to Kiddoo's today for a little trim! I really didn't want her "first haircut" to be by me! Chloe did SO good! She just sat in the chair, very still and quiet and let the lady do her job! We were so proud of her! :) We have a little bundle of hair to add to her baby book now! (Hmmm...if I could just find the baby book!) Just kidding, its around here somewhere!

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Kid Country and Vista Ridge

After Chloe did soooo good getting her haircut, we went to the mall to have lunch and play and then stopped by Kid Country to swing! Here are some pictures!
chloe at kid country

doing some shopping!
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Playdate with the Taylor Twins

Today we went to the Taylors to play with Caroline and Caleb! We had a great time! We ate lunch and Chloe had NO interest in her own food and gladly let Caleb feed her his oranges and crackers! Here is a picture of Chloe and her sweet friend Caleb, it looks like they are going to put on a show for us! :) Thanks Taylors for having us over!

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My confused cupcake

The other night we celebrated my cousin Jonah's birthday at their house. Jonah had fun and got lots of cool things...but our little cupcake was very confused! As you can see she is not sure what to think! Who's party is this guys?! She wanted to be right up next to Jonah and the center of attention! Her favorite part besides the singing was by far the ice cream cake! Of course!!! (It was Mommy and Daddy's favorite part too!!!)
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stars Game

Yesterday Nate and I met The Stephens & The Tayors for lunch at La Hacienda and then went to the Stars game! We had gotten free tickets from MOPS and so it was super fun and cheap! Chloe got to play with Mimi and Papa so she had a good time too! :) Plus the Stars won! Yea! Too bad Nates Packers lost! :(
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Coleman and Chloe

Last week we went and played with the Bales bunch. Chloe LOVES trying to keep up with Kathryn who is almost 4 now. I think that her favorite thing though to do at the Bales house is...kiss her boyfriend Coleman! :) Can you blame her?! He is adorable!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

when grandmas around...

nates mom came in town on friday and of course brought chloe lots of goodies including a new Barbie cell phone and fancy fluffly pink slippers! Chloe pranced around in her new slippers wearing her butterfly wings she got at Christmas and swinging her wand around! I added another picture of Chloe over Christmas at Nates parents when Chloe is wearing her new dance outfit Grandma Julie bought her and enjoying, yes, chocolate ice cream! Makes me kinda miss my own granny and how she could really spoil me! :) We enjoyed having you this weekend sweet Grandma Julie! We love you!

Could you say no to this face?!

silly face

the packers, parties and playgroup

This weekend we had family over to watch the Packers WIN! It was so much fun and Nates mom brought tons of cheese hats, ties, etc to show our support! Sunday we had our sweet friend Wes Dunhams 30th birthday party and got to see all our Baylor friends and then on Monday had playgroup at Brynns. Here are some pics!
the birthday boy!

chloe at playgroup on allies new horse

Sunday, January 6, 2008

play day!

Today was such a beautiful day! It was in the 70's and so Chloe got lots of playtime outside! Chloe played in her bounce house, drove her car and played basketball and soccer with her daddy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new years eve

ready to party!
oh how things have changed! we rang in the new year last night with the Bains, Lohrdings, Hodders, Theauxs and Browns. To be perfectly accurate we actually celebrated Greenlands new year...which is conveniently celebrated at 9:00 our time! For those of you with kids-you'd appreciate it. All of the kids hung in until then and did great! chloe loved playing with all her friends, Ally, Luke, Samuel Carlie, Abby and Taylor. She didn't think it was very fair that she couldn't enjoy the champagne too...oh well! thanks Bains for hosting a great party! Happy New Year!!
most of the gang
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