Tuesday, March 31, 2009

chloe & the bluebonnets!

today we scouted for bluebonnets and found 'em! So...I decided to do a bluebonnet mini session day for this sunday! Last year the bluebonnets didn't last long so I figured I'd better hurry! 
 If you are interested in booking a bluebonnet mini...go here to find out more info!
Chloe did awesome today! It was a bit windy...but she has gotten so good at doing well for me and smiling her sweet smile! i could just eat her!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

an award!?

this rarely happens so let me relish in its awardness goodness for just a sec...Ahhh, I am fabulous! Well, that was good! Thank you my sweet Leslie for awarding it to ME! (okay, plus 6 other girls!) So the rules are:List 7 things I love and 7 friends to give the award to.  Easy enough! 
Numero Uno: i LOVE flip flops and cowboy boots.  yep-if i could...this is all I would wear on my feet-I am not a big shoe fan (unlike my sister) 
TWO: the people at taco bueno know me (enough said)
3.  i LOVE to watch crime shows....like super love them. they are like a warm bath...i actually use them as motivation to get my proofs done early so then i get to sit on the couch and watch one of my favorites, criminal minds, any CSI, the mentalist, ANY of 'em! i love you tivo.
FOUR: i LOVE music.  luckily so does nate.  we have music on at the house or back patio ALL the time. anything from fleetwood mac to the killers, dave matthews, sting indigo girls, paul simon, just about any good muscial, and on and on, was that TMI? oh well-oh my gosh a new favorite for outside sittin with a glass of wine or a nice cold corona-ottmar liebert-totally random but mmmm good! (& with the awesomeness of the iphone remote app and the apple airport express it makes it so easy!)
cinco: i love my inlaws. seriously.  love them and i DONT take this for granted...i know that not everyone is this lucky!
6: i love friday nights! we usually meet my family for dinner somewhere, then come back home and play with super chloe girl and after she is off to bed we stick in a redbox movie, i get a trashy gossip mag and a big 'ol coke or a fat starbucks and hang out on the couch! oh, unless its high school football season baby!! :0 
and lastly, seven: i love my life.  for reals yo.
and to my sweet friends: okay i cheated on this part-i did 8 instead of 7-oh well...
rosemond: i love her stories about her daughter-rosemond is hilarious and her love for the Lord is so big! :0
katherine: love this girl-and her twins!
melissa: my super awesome friend from louisiana-just ask her to say "pralines" LOVE it! :0 
angie-ya'll this chicks crazy funny! gotta love her! :0
ang-we've been friends since high school and i love keeping up with her busy life with her twins!
katie-dude-her taylor is seriously the funniest little kid i know! for real! 
mandy-oh i just love mandy! she is so real & i just want to pinch her sweet little girl she's so cute!
lindsay-yikes! i think we have been friends since middle school!!! she is super sweet and has an adorable baby boy that i might just eat. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

our trip...day three

day three we woke up stoked for breakfast! i am a big fan of a big breakfast with...mmmm...coffee so we were back at the bakery for some delish food! afterwards, we packed up and headed to austin to shop on south congress.  since sxsw was going on they had lots of great little  flea markets all up and down the street.  we had cupcakes at Hey Cupcake and then headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Austin-Waterloo.  The day had been too perfect...UNTIL we got back on the road to head home...traffic with sxsw and spring break was less than ideal and it took us 5 hours to get from Austin to Dallas-bummer...but we were very grateful that we didn't have Chloe with us because she would not have been a huge fan! thanks nate for another great vacation! :0 i love you!

cheesy breakfast pictures we took of each other...

oh my gosh! a pony! ;)

at hey cupcake on south congress
mmmmm! me like cupcakes!

our trip...day two

we were up early on Saturday morning, our stomachs growling, so we were ready to enjoy a breakfast at the Old German Bakery.  After breakfast we headed down to Kerrville and Bandera to do a little shopping and then returned back to Fredericksburg to hear live music at Becker Vineyards.  It was super beautiful outside by lunchtime and  we sat on the patio and enjoyed the music & wine.  after purchasing our case 'o wine we were ready to hang out on our porch and take a nap back at our room! We walked down to Bejas for dinner and sat outside (thank goodness the weather was so beautiful for our trip!!!) and had awesome mexican food! Then we made our way to Luckenbach  to the dancehall for the annual mud dauber ball?! we had a great time listening to music, watching some reeeally good dancers (and some not so good!) and made some new biker friends!

at becker
at dinner

Sunday, March 22, 2009

our trip...day one

so super early friday morning (like 6 am!) nate and i were off to celebrate our SIXTH anniversary! we wanted something low-key and easy so we headed back to fredericksburg! after a few stops, we pulled into town around 10:30 and hit up the flea market (where I got a great jadeite bowl!) and then we were ready for lunch! we are creatures of habit so we went to Silver Creek...and ate the same thing we did last time.  MMMMMMM!!! afterwards we checked in to our b&b which was on main street with a balcony overlooking all the shopping! we could sit on our front porch, drink wine and people watch! next we went shopping down main street-which nate actually loves because he brings a book and can sit outside the shops and read while I shop! later we had dinner at hondo's  where we listened to some great live music and had an AWESOME time people watching on the dance floor! There were a lot of locals that were "dancing" and having a great time!  We stayed past midnight, making new friends and enjoying great food and drinks!

Warning: starting off shopping right after a mimosa CAN be dangerous! :)

the band at hondos

this one was blurry-but the only one I took of the dance floor!

daddy's day off

nate took thursday off work to play.  we started out the day by heading to einsteins for breakfast, letting her push her cart at market street and finally we were off to grapevine mills to go to build a bear.  chloe was super excited and picked out a little white lamb.  when we asked her what her lambs name was she firmly replied, "Patsy".  Huh? We don't even know anyone named Patsy?! We asked her is she wanted any clothes for Patsy and she picked out a yellow hard hat for her, put it on Patsys head and said "Noooo thats silly!" She ended up deciding that she really didn't want any clothes at all for Patsy and much perferred the little pink stroller that of course Patsy just had to have...even though we have 3 strollers at home.  Oh well! She had a great time pushing Patsy all through the mall, riding on the carousel and picking out a toy at the disney store.  then we were off the Hard 8 to have barbecue before chloe's nap! it was a great day-it was so fun having nate home!!

waiting for Patsy to be stuffed

washing Patsy
all clean!
thanks! ready to go now!
she was very serious and walked sooo fast as we took Patsy around the mall!
checking out the alligator at Rainforest Cafe
and the fish!
playing with her new disney friends at lunch
asking mommy for some "mommy favorite" which is bannana pudding!
she was lucky I shared! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

the flea market and the farmers market

on saturday we went to the flea market with Mimi, Papa, lindsay & Pal.  Everyone found themselves a little treasure and then we were off to the farmers market to load up on lots of  fruit and vegetables!

sic'em bears!

on Friday we had some friends and family over to watch the baylor game! we had a great time eating yummy pizza and enjoying an awesome game!

waiting for everyone to arrive!

sic'em bears!

Friday, March 13, 2009