Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playdate with friends

This morning we joined our friends, The Taylors, The Martins & The Stephens for a playdate.  We walked down to the park and played on the big playground!  We looked very funny walking to the park, 4 moms and 7 little kids! It was pretty hot out, but they had a great time! 

saying their prayers

playing trains with bennett
bella, caroline & chloe
on our walk to the park!

caroline & caleb

chloe & the big slide!

oh jack!

Dinner and...bears?!

Last night we met Mimi, Papa, Pal, Lindsay, Bob & Cheryl (who Chloe calls "Me"?!?!) at Fuddruckers...yummmmmm.  Chloe loved getting to sit in Pals lap, eat grilled cheese and even pick out her own cookie.  Afterwards, we all stopped by Bass Pro, needless to say, Chloe had a blast!! She loved looking at the fish, the bear, the boats, the shark, and the "cars".  I mean, why go to the zoo when you can just go to Bass Pro?!

Chloe & Pal
picking out her cookie
checking out the big shark!
oh no dada!! (he gave blood earlier in the day...thats why he has the green patch!)

chloe & me looking at the fish!

where's chloe?!

looking at the bear

"Lindley, who's that?!"

"come on dada!"


On thursday morning, chloe and i met our friends at the Early childhood PTA membership drive.  They had a balloon man, a face painter and a bounce house! Chloe was so good and waited patiently in line to get her face painted.  She did so well sitting still in the chair, but I think her favorite part of the day was showing off her paint to all her friends!
her fancy heart

sitting sooo still!
look at me!

peeking in our Ally's baby brother, Garrett

showing off a little more!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mama & chloe's new toys...

so on Saturday after I got back from my photo shoot with Shelley's sweet little girl...see here...I did a bit of dumpster diving!! Well...not really, Saturday is trash pick up & our next door neighbors had put this... 

in their trash!!! So, I ran up to their door to ask them, "Like, for real, are ya'll throwing your play thing away?!" They said YES! They thought about asking us if we wanted it but figured since we had the big new wooden one we wouldn't want they didnt know if we liked getting "used things". HAAAAA!!! Everyone who knows me is laughing out loud right now because I looove getting used stuff! So, Nate & I hauled it over to our backyard and the other night we put it together! Chloe loooves it! And I LOVE my husband! Did ya'll know he is a rock star...Look what he bought me last week...

Yippee! My very own iphone! It has already come in handy when Chloe was having a meltdown at Chili's and I could go right to YouTube & show her her "feist/sesame street" music video.  Perfect! I can hook it up in my car and listen to all my itunes and show off my pictures to potential clients & check my email! sweeeeeet! i love you my dear husband! 

Monday, August 25, 2008

potty time!

Let me preface this post by saying I am NOT trying to potty train Chloe! I have nooo desire to even go there! Diapers are very easy for us right now & Chloe has shown very little interest in the potty. it is...
Every night, while we are getting her bath ready, Chloe sits on the potty.  Of course, nothing ever happens...she just thinks its kinda fun.  We think its funny! Seeing her little butt, sitting with her hands in her lap, and squeezing her abs to try and push any tiny pee that'll come out! So Saturday night we did our normal routine & I decided to tell her that if she would go tee-tee on the potty she could have a sucker! So she sat on the potty, then got up and asked for a sucker...the potty remained empty.  After about 5 times though she pushed, and pushed and pee-ed!!! Just like a big girl! I think Nate & I probably scared her because we were screaming & jumping up and down! I was so proud of her! Of course she hasn't done it since...and probably won't  for a looong time...and I'm okay with that! potty training does not sound like fun! ;) So, until then-here is Chloe, her sucker & her potty!

oh my...

Lately Chloe has been super lazy! She will wake up around 8, but then fall back asleep until almost 9:30! The other day I went to go wake her up and decided I needed a sleeping picture! Here it is! Oh yea...and within 30 minutes she did this...

back to school

oh goodness...i have a lot of catching up to has been a busy weekend! On Thursday we went to give Mimi flowers for "Meet the teacher".  Chloe loved getting to see all the big kids & enjoyed running around Mimi's classroom!
bringing Mimi her flowers
gettin some kisses!
chasing Chloe

me & my girl

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

swim time!

this morning our church had a fun preschool swim-time @ the pool.  chloe loved seeing her friends and of course playing in the pool! luckily the rain held off until after we got back home! 

a little couch time

just enjoying some olympics last night!

playdate at the taylors

after little gym on tuesday we went to play at our friends, the taylors.  we had some yummy lunch and chloe loved getting to play with two of her "besties"...its always an adventure at their house!
chloe & caroline in the bucket-which they called the pool

sweet caleb & his tractor
chloe & the train track
is this a hula hoop!? can you tell we don't have trains at our house?!
then they decided they should take off their clothes!

chloe & caroline reading the bible

playing on potties! 
(sorry their eyes are closed but its the only shot i got!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rain, rain...

Rain, rain go away...little chloe, and hallie, and abby, and ally, and wyatt want to play!!!

hallie & wyatt reading
chloe & ally taking care of baby