Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

erics birthday

on friday night we met up with some of our good friends to celebrate Eric's birthday at fireside pies! It was super yummy as always and we had an awesome time catching up with old friends!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


i can't wait for this to come out! (plus it has a killer song on the trailer by arcade fire) :)

my sister...

is about to have her baby...well, at the end of next month! :) see her maternity pictures here...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

vbs family night!

tonight we headed to church for VBS family night! chloe had an awesome time singing praise music, watching the slideshow, playing in jumpies, eating roasted corn, popcorn, sausage on a stick & got her face painted!!! what more could a girl want right?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we're "vbs-ing" it!

we have had a busy week with VBS! Chloe is having so much fun & gets to see Aunt Lindsay every day in her "home room". she is having a great time! each day she comes home and tells me about the bible story and today she came home saying "Jesus Alive mommy!!" Thats right sweet girl! :)

jamming out in music with Amy Praytor & her guitar!
opening assembly with Aunt Lindsay!
me & my co-director Mary (or partner in crime!)
me & my other partner in crime! :0
opening assembly on Wednesday-getting into the songs & motions!

Monday, July 20, 2009

from the outside looking in...

many of you know how passionate I am about Compassion International, we sponsor two in Ghana & one in India. It is an amazing organization that does amazing things in God's name. I am excited about an AWESOME opportunity that God has in store for me through Compassion...but more on that later...


let me just break your is a portion of today's post from the Compassion blog...I couldn't help but share...

“Along the wall outside the Compassion project, many children watched and waited while the other children played and sang. With hundreds and thousands of children needing the hope that Compassion brings, our hearts broke to see the ones that could not be helped. Hundreds more are waiting for their chance to be sponsored, to be given hope, to be shown the love of Christ.” —

If you are interested in sponsoring a Compassion child PLEASE, PLEASE consider it! You can change a life with just $38 a month. We pray for our Compassion children every day and we correspond through letters and pictures. You can learn more about sponsoring a child by visiting Okay...I'll get off my least for today! :0

Sunday, July 19, 2009

this weekend...

this weekend nates parents came in town and we had a great time relaxing and hanging out with them! on friday night we went out to eat and chloe picked out her outfit! like the matilda jane dress/juicy hat combo?! we also celebrated nates birthday a little early and had his favorite tres leches cake and opened presents! we went swimming and grilled out on Saturday! thanks for coming grandma & grandpa! we miss you already!
julie, crazy chloe & me

silly goose!
nate & his framed diplomas
our little fish!
silly chloe!

the race neighs

this week we celebrated my moms birthday at the horse races, or according the chloe, "the race neighs". we had so much fun and chloe LOVED it! she would yell at mimi and say "we gotta go bet! we gotta go bet!" she actually ended up winning more $ than Nate did...and she always used very special techniques to choose her horse, like..."ummmmm, # 4" or "i like that one because he has something purple on his mane"...hey whatever works! we got to go down and pet the horses and see all the jockeys and her friend, "Cowboy Dave" and on the way back we were in the elevator with "the scary man with the hat". we had a great time celebrating our mimis birthday & can't wait to go back!

mimi & chloe
walking down to see the horses & jockeys with bob
she was a little nervous at this point!

a teeny tiny jockey!
a real one! (still pretty teeny!)
ahhh! the "scary man with the hat!"
placin bets!

one of her winning tickets!

mommy & chloe!

girls night out

with some of my old teacher friends :)

slurpee time

last weekend chloe convinced us to take her to see Up again. Its all the child talks about! I have to admit it was pretty stinkin cute! Can I admit that I even cried in it? afterwards we hit up 7-11 for our free slurpees & went swimming at lance & lindsays!


the other night we hung out & neal & debbies house and made vanilla & banana pudding from scratch! chloe got to help cook it this time...and eat it as well!
first you crumble the nilla waffers...
then you pound them...
then you pour them in the pudding...
then you taste it!
who wants some...I do!

and then some swimming in the pool!