Friday, October 31, 2008

trunk or treat & trick or treating

tonight we went to trunk or treat at our church and got to see huge bounce houses, balloons and lots of our friends.  chloe's favorite party by far was see Coco, no surprise there! :) She was so much more shy this year, and did NOT want to say thank you to anyone when they gave her candy! She would just walk right up to them, take the candy and walk away.  Afterwards we swung by Mimi & Papa's house and then hit up our neighborhood.  Chloe does the same thing at just about every house, she knocks, they come to the door, and she walks right in! Luckily we only went trick or treating at peoples houses that we knew!

sweet Coleman & chloe

being her shy self!

blowing bubbles with Mimi


time to wash off all that face paint!

in her cute halloween witchy pj's (nommers) from Grandma

my little baker

when chloe woke up from her nap today I had a project ready! we made some yummy sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins and chloe was my "sprinkler".  wanna see how she did?!  
apparently she likes the sprinkles!

happy halloween!


Monday, October 27, 2008

"hallieween" playdate

today we went to hallie's house for a playdate! we had yummy pumpkin shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, made a magnet pumpkin and played outside! we got to see all our friends in their cute halloween costumes and even got a few treats too!

the whole gang

picking out her pumpkins nose
chloe's magnet pumpkin!
hallie, chloe & matthew
enjoying some lunch
do you like my dress and clown tights?!
pulling the wagon
eating her candy corn cupcake

playing in the tunnel
swinging with matthew
my little monkey

trying to eat her snacks through the wrapper!

friday night..

friday night we went to eat with my parents, and the cleavengers and then went to the football game.  Chloe loved getting to sit with the "boys" (nate, dad & bob).  we would have stayed a bit longer...but it got sooo cold!!!! 

how she stays happy at the game...

we have a ponytail!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

ecpta fall fest

last night we went to the ecpta fall fest! nate was Mr. Mom because I was taking pictures, but we all had a blast! here are a few pictures!

our silly clown

looking a bit guilty with her friend Caleb the giraffe!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i think i put too much butter on her toast...

Monday, October 20, 2008

the pumpkin patch!

On sunday after church we went to the pumpkin patch with Lance and Lindsay.  chloe talked about riding the train the whole way there, luckily there wasn't a very long line! chloe had fun and loved picking out pumpkins! 

pointing out big bird
crazy aunt lindsay is pooh!!
of course she had to get her picture taken with the dogs!

we love you pal!
ready for our train ride! bye-bye!
here we go!
chloe and her new friends
picking out some pumpkins!