Monday, November 30, 2009

shoes for orphan souls

yaaahoooo! this project has been a long time coming! we decided a while back to focus some of our christmas gift money on purchasing shoes for the "Shoes for Orphan Souls" program through Buckner International. Buckner is located in Mesquite and is an amazing orphanage but also focuses internationally by delievering shoes to orphans around the world as well as children in the metroplex who need them! So, Chloe saved up some money to combine with our christmas money, plus she actually decided to call her grandparents to see if they would donate too! i wish i could replay that conversation..."Hey mimi-you got some money for some shoes for those poor kids that don't have no mommies or daddies or shoes?!" A-dorable! :) So we saved up the money-headed to Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and went shoe crazy! Nate had taken off today so we headed to Buckner to deliver them this afternoon! chloe was a bit confused on why she didn't get to give them to a child...just a "worker man" but still loved it!

its christmas time pretty baby!

we held off till thanksgiving! now its time to DECORATE!!!

chloe helping with the ornaments at grandma and grandpas house

chloe and grandma

happy turkey day!

thanksgiving morning we had a yummy pancake breakfast at home and then packed up to head to thanksgiving lunch with my family and then off to houston for thanksgiving dinner with Nates family! we have so much to be thankful for including our amazing family! we love you guys! and chloe turkey-you are the best thing ever and we are forever thankful for you :)

this turkey wants some turkey!
playing on the stairs
chloe and daltie!

thanksgiving eve

nate took off thanksgiving eve so that we could deliver food to a needy family for our church. our AWESOME Sunday school class/small group collected TONS of stuff for the family and we were so excited to bless this family. We headed to The Mecca for some TASTY breakfast and then we were off to Dallas to drop it all off! The family was SO thankful and SO awesome! Chloe loved helping out too!

mmmm! the mecca!
coats, games, turkey dinner, coloring books, crayons, pies, candy, treats, TONS of canned goods, cooking supplies and more!

the nutcracker

mimi and I took Chloe to see The Nutcracker at the Majestic. It was soooo good and Chloe loved it so much! She is still dancing to her Nutcracker cd and talking all about it. We told her that she could get a surprise and Mom and I both tried to convince her to pick the cute wooden Nutcracker that they were selling, but she insisted on the lovely white bear she has now named, "Nutcracker Bear". She won't leave home without him!

at el fenix before the nutcracker...mmmm! isn't her nutcracker dress cute? Thanks Mimi!
ready to go in!
mommy, chloe, mimi and of course, Nutcracker Bear

back at home, had to show daddy our Nutcracker Bear and show him how to dance, then it was off to bed for this girl! It was late! :)

high school play-offs

Last week we took Chloe to one of the coppell football playoff games at Cowboys Stadium! chloe looooved the HUGE screens and TONS of people to watch! :)

try catching this turkey

after her preschool class thanksgiving party!

chi omega christmas

fun times times :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

happy birthday allison!

this week we got to celebrate allison's birthday with a surprise party! it was so much fun-and she was totally surprised! we had a great time!
me and anna
clayton and allison
mmm! cake!! :0

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the rightnow conference

this past weekend, nate and i went to the rightnow conference at Irving bible. We had SUCH an awesome time! We got to hang out with our good friends Dave and Becca and hear some really awesome authors like Francis Chan and Donald Miller. Nate and I had the awesome opportunity to work the Compassion sign up table on Saturday morning and it was amazing! I loved seeing everyone pick out their child to sponsor, many choosing to sponsor 2, 3 or even 4 children! It was so amazing to see God work in such big ways! We were so fired up by the end of the conference!

Me and Becca-can I have any more chins?!
Each person got to put together a kit for volunteers in Africa and hand write a note to those volunteers! It was awesome!
THE Francis Chan! :) UH-mazing!
Me and "Compassion Cory" working the booth-I guess Nate was taking the picture?
This was actually one of the smaller crowds!!
Donald Miller

fall friends

on friday...after dance...a bunch of us met up at hunterwood for lunch! chloe LOVED playing in the leave! chloe had to take a killer bath when we got home because she tons of tiny little leaves all stuck in her hair!

watch day at dance class

friday was watch day-they got fitted for their recital costumes! so fun! and of course, they did a little dancin too!

happy birthday sweet Ro!


Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

we started the evening off at our church at Trunk R Treat where we saw all our friends and loaded up on candy and sausage on a stick! Mmmm! Afterwards we stopped by Mimi & Papa's house for dinner and trick or treated there before heading back to hit up a few houses in our neighborhood! Chloe's favorite party though was giving out candy back out our house! she LOVED it! she would get so excited when they rang the doorbell and she would swing open the door and yell "happy halloween!!!!"

headed to trunk r treat
chloe and grace
micah, grant, cade, dillon, chloe
sweet girl
chloe & karis
chloe and mia
baby mia

true love, ryan santos and chloe!
our little family!
jumpy chloe
trick or treating!
chloe and daddy
her loot!
watching for friends!
"happy halloween!"