Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sunday school social

on Friday evening we got together with our class at the park for hot dogs and burgers! It was hot but we found a good spot in the shade! Chloe had a blast playing with swords, water guns and dirt...lots of it! afterwards we threw her in the pool to wash off!!! :)

camp sunshine-our house!

On Friday we hosted Camp Sunshine at our house and had a great time learning about FISH! The gang got to look at real goldfish in the tank, go fishing, make some fun crafts and eat a tasty treat! We ended the playdate in the sprinkler which seems to be a trend lately with this heat!!! :0

caught sneakin donut holes!!!
craft time!
going fishing!

enjoying her snack!
orange face!

Friday, June 26, 2009

you know its summer when...

its 10:30 at night and your child is eating homemade ice cream sandwiches, swiming and playing with fireworks!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

siesta summer bible study kick off!!

last night we kicked off our summer bible study with a bunch of girls, tasty treats and a little beth moore!!! if you're looking for a good little summer bible study head on over to her blog at http://www.livingproofministries.blogspot.com & join in! hey...all the cool kids are doing it! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

the mchale wedding

nate & i got up on Saturday and dropped Chloe off at mom & dads and headed to houston for one of Nates good family friends wedding. It was great hanging out with Nates parents and his sister and her boyfriend! too bad though...I don't think any of us had a good time at the reception! ;)
me & rock star nate!
mel & chris

me and julie dancing...with a scarf...

melissa, anne (sister of the groom) and julie

lets go to the movies!

this weekend we went to the movies with bob, cheryl, lance, lindsay & mom and dad! chloe, Mimi & Cheryl all went to see Up 3D while the rest of us went to see The Hangover (awesome!) Here is Chloe showing off her 3D shades!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day!!!

Nate...your girls LOVE you! You are the best daddy ever! :) I am so thankful that God blessed sweet Chloe & me with such a keeper!!!! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a camping we will go

thats right...camping! those of you who know me, know that I AM NOT a camper. growing up my dad would put our tent up in the backyard and me, my dad & sister would haul out the tv, nintendo, snacks, etc and "camp". Nate, on the other hand, grew up camping with his family ALL the time...like for real camping. So Nate has been wanting to take me camping for a long time so I finally decided to surprise him with a camping trip for fathers day. Okay, maybe I should call it a "mini-camping trip" but still...for me...it was camping! we went to The Vineyards Campground in Grapevine...a whopping 10 minutes from our house & went for only one night...baby steps right? But guess what...I did it & I actually enjoyed it!! And best of all...Chloe LOVED it! She kept looking at us saying, "I camping! Daddy, I really camping!!!" Oh she melts our hearts...just like those tasty smores! :)

peeky boo!
having a snack from her cooler...which she kept calling her "case"
mommy & chloe
playing on the playground
feeding the ducks
ah! thats my girl, smiling & posing mid-throw!
we called her the "duck lady" because they kept following her!
the view from our tent

mmm...hot dogs!
my two fav people

playing with her "lamp"
roasting marshmellows
one hot, sweaty, tired little camper! thank goodness we had a fan in our tent!
the next morning!

chloe kept carrying around this stick and calling it a dog & talking to it....oh the imagination of a two year old!
being silly on our walk!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

see-see sasssy

it was time for another bang cut so we were off to "see-see sassy" with Mimi & Lindsay! Chloe got her "thumbs painted" and her hair cut and then was ready for prom! seriously? i wanted to tell the lady..."hello! she is TWO years old...she doesn't need an updo....or sparkle hair spray...or sparkle stars on her face...because we are headed home for a NAP!!!!! :)
Oh well...Chloe felt like a princess so I guess it was all worth it!! :)