Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweetheart Ball

Chloe and Nate went to their first Sweetheart Ball last weekend! She said she was going to be a princess and Daddy was going to be her prince and they would dance all night long! They had so much fun dancing, having dinner, making a craft, playing games and eating cupcakes! It was a special night that I hope she never forgets! :)

super bowl bound!

we were so excited that the super bowl was HERE and the PACKERS were in it! Even thogh we couldn't go to the game we tried to take advantage of their hotel being 10 minutes away and went twice to see them! On Saturday we brought a football and got 11 autographs! The guys didn't have practice and were casually coming out of the hotel to go to lunch! It was so exciting! Chloe was excellent "bait" because who could say no to her right?! On Sunday Nate & I went back to see them get on the bus to go the the super bowl! We were sooo close to the buses! It was so exciting to see them! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow days

this week we had a ton of icey cold weather-yuck! we took advantage though and stayed warm inside, read lots of books, cuddled & played! 

polly pocket riding her donkey

lots of snow time!

 reading during a black out