Sunday, June 29, 2008

new blog

we have had a super busy weekend and I am just now catching up on the blog! there are new posts below (the last bales wedding, american girl, chloe and the new patio)...AND the anthologie. blog has been set up! check it out! you can access it here or here! hope you like it!

the last bales wedding

becky, nancy, cheryl and mom
cheryl, bob and lance
sweet kathryn
connor & kathryn dancing

american girl.

on saturday morning me, my mom and nates mom all took chloe to the american girl store! it was our first time to go and experience the craziness! i had tried to make lunch reservations a week earlier but they were already booked...but we could get reservations for brunch! It turned out the be great because we were able to get there and do our shopping and eat before toooo many of the crowds arrived!! chloe was in awe at first...but soon warmed up to the place and all the "babeee's" they had! After playing with just about every one of them we finally settled on a sweet little "itty bitty" baby doll with fair skin and blonde hair, the trunk of clothes and goodies, the stroller, the dining chair and an outfit for the 4th of July for baby.  (Thank goodness the "grandmother's" were with us! Thank you for spoiling chloe!)  Brunch was wonderful and afterwards we got to see the adorable playhouse you can win...I took plenty of pictures of the playhouse and told nate that's his new project to start working on...he said it doesn't look promising! :) Baby has already been on many stroller rides, had snacks with Chloe and is currently napping now! I think she will be well loved!

chloe and the new patio

nate took off from work on friday to work on extending our patio! chloe was very interested in the entire process and loved helping out! luckily, nates parents came in town on friday evening and helped finish up the job! chloe's attention quickly turned to playing with grandma and grandpa, and mimi & papa!

ahhh...all done! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

amie's bambino bash

nate and i headed to college station on Saturday afternoon for our sweet friend and Junk Gypsy, Amie Sikes's baby shower! It was so good to see her, the Sikes family, Joe Pete and many of our other crazy gypsy friends from round top! We went to the shower at the dixie chicken and then met back up for breakfast on Sunday morning at the warehouse! I can't wait to meet her sweet new baby girl in August!
writing down all of amies gifts...while enjoying some tasty tijuana fries!
me and jolie
working on our page for amies baby book

cash baker and papa sikes in the JG firetruck after breakfast

matthew's big party!

on saturday we took Chloe to Pump It Up for Matthew's 4th birthday party! she had so much fun bouncing! her sweet daddy enjoyed climbing all the way up with chloe and then sliding down together! happy birthday matthew!! thanks for inviting us!

Friday, June 20, 2008

playing at the stephens.

on wednesday we met some friends over at the stephens for a dinner playdate! the kids had so much fun playing in all their fun water toys and having dinner with friends! here are some pictures! thanks melissa for having us! :0
chloe, bella & caroline in the water bouncey
chloe making out with the shark
having fun in the pool
caleb loves cars...even if they are stuck in the closet!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the "k" family!

here are some of my favorites from one of the shoots this weekend! this sweet family has one 5 year old and three 3 year olds! it was so much fun to see a glimpse into a family of 6! they were adorable!!!

Monday playgroup

yesterday we played at the hodders house with lots of our friends! chloe had a great time playing with all of ally's baby dolls and loved eating the yummy jello that mrs. brynn made!! chloe was a big fan of the sand and water table too!! eventually i had to just strip my child down to her diaper because i couldn't keep her from getting wet! oh well! :)

being a little sneaky!
chloe and matthew  playing with the farm
chloe and her friend mr. henry

Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day!!

Today we had a fun day celebrating Father's Day! We started off the day by making breakfast for helped by staying asleep while I cooked! Good girl!! :) Those of you who know me...know I don't really cook much meat-but I was really brave and cooked Nate a grilled tuscan steak with fried egg and goat cheese. yea-i saw it on Giada...I didn't come up with it! :0  I was VERY nervous...but it turned out good! I even tried a bite!! Then Nate got to open up all his father's day gifts! I think Chloe and I did a good job! :) After church we got to spend time with family! It was a wonderful day! Chloe and I are soooo blessed to have him!  We love you! And to Papa and Grandpa-we love you too! Happy Father's Day! You are awesome!
chloe's card she "made" (colored)
beautiful coloring skills!
Daddy's new book
and his new picture!
and tickets to see coldplay (they haven't gone on sale yet so I had to just make them!)

sleepy chloe watching daddy open presents!
reading their new book before church