Sunday, October 25, 2009

baylor homecoming 09

on friday we headed down to waco and went straight to ninfas-mmm! the waitress told us the wait was 2 1/2 hours! Wow! We figured we might as well try and wait and found a spot inside on the bench, got drinks and got to visit with old friends. Luckily the wait ended up being only about 30 minutes-phew! Afterwards we hit up the bonfire...we hadn't been to the bonfire since we were in college and it had changed so much! there were fireworks, carnival rides, food, and more. chloe loved hearing the band and seeing the football players but her favorite part by far was the fireworks! then we went to nates aunt and uncles house in woodway to catch up with them and spend the night! Saturday morning we went and watch the parade, ate at taco c, shopped at spice and then went by the georges tent to watch a bit of the game before heading to georges to eat-mmm! after a stop at common grounds and a walk around campus we were northbound 35! Can't wait for next year!! :)

sic em!
the fireworks..
at bonfire

it warmed us up! :)
chloe and kit
chi o's float
the bear!
Align Center
here it comes!
chloe kept saying "he's soooo cute mommy!"
me and diane

one happy girl
anyone know why the lucky charm guy was there?!
being silly at georges
chloe and daddy at common grounds
she loves happy hour! :) okay maybe just sonic happy hour!
we could have sat on that swing forever! the weather was beautiful and we loved people watching!

look who got a haircut!

ecpta fall fest

chloe and caroline
wanna know how to rip your snow white dress...this'll do it! :)
mommy and chloe
afterwards with her friends at cicis!

chloe and her pumpkin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chloe and the pumpkin patch

this year we decided to forgo the madness that is the flower mound pumpkin patch! is amazing and huge and great...BUT its always CRAZY! Last year we waited for almost an hour to get in-grrr!! SO, it was most important to us this year to go as a family (rather than me try to take her to flower mound on a weekday) so we went to the coppell one and LOVED it! no crowds, no lines, and lots of pumpkins, plus one very happy little girl!


this year was piznacked! we didn't go till later because we had one sleepy little girl after all the butterfly festivities! mimi, papa, lindsay, pal and mia went with us though and we had a great time eating hamburgers, watching the hot air balloon and jammin to music!