Saturday, February 28, 2009

sesame street live.

on saturday we took chloe to see sesame street live! it was so much fun! she loved seeing all her sesame street friends in real life! she cried when we left and kept saying, "see melmo again please!" luckily we had bought the cd so at least we could listen to it in the car on the way home which helped a bit! :0

mommy, chloe & elmo
(notice she had to bring her elmo purse and wear her elmo dress!)

soooo excited!

playing with her new elmo spinny toy while we waited for the show to start
chloe was less than thrilled to have someone else take our picture
all her friends!

big bird
dancing their little hearts out!

one happy chloe!
all done!
me and a crying chloe!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

playing with coleman

on thursday, coleman came over to play for awhile! i LOVE seeing how they interact with each other! the weather was beautiful and so we went for a wagon ride and then ate lunch outside and played. they were obsessed with chloes little folding chairs and kept moving them around the backyard!
ready for their wagon ride!

and so begins the chair saga...

first they moved them here...

and then they decided this was a better spot...but I didn't think it was the safest spot!

then they decided they wanted them in the fort,

but that didn't last long either!
will it fit through here?

nope...maybe I'll just throw it over! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

waiting for daddy...

nate normally gets home around 5 and then goes running, chloe is usually still asleep when he leaves to go run but will wake up before he gets this is what happens!
sweet chloe can't wait to see her daddy and so she waits at the door for him to run home! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

last one on galveston...promise!

while there we walked down the strand because they were celebrating mardi gras. talk about a good place to people watch! barefoot kids, belly dancers, toothless men...all very exciting. are a few shots from that day!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


although i clearly love galveston...there is a severe spookiness factor about it. what with the great storm of 1900 and all the pirate talk and stuff...its just plain creepy!   i have a very wierd obsession with spookiness.  I guess you would say it is a love/hate relationship! so this house has always been one that i like to drive by when we're in galveston and when we pulled up and it was very clearly vacant...we decided to be brave (okay so maybe I was the only one who needed to be brave) and go inside! its supposed to be haunted and apparently there is some big treasure buried there and the paintings on the wall switch places by themselves. i will tell you that I FULLY expected to see ghosts appear in the pictures once I looked at them and we have already almost blamed a "spooky" incident we had here on Monday night (I was convinced that it was either the spooky pictures or this little saint figurine that I bought at this old antique store on the strand in galveston).  Just to clear up any was an electrical problem...nothing spooky! :) is Stewarts Mansion! oh and I have a confession to make...some of these pictures I made Nates dad take because I was too scared to go all the way inside! :0

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the seachild

yep...thats me! :0 
 while in houston we decided to drive down to galveston to what was left of the beach house that I grew up going to every summer.  We couldn't stay there this summer because it was pretty rundown so we stayed in another house in that same section. I ended up taking pictures of chloe at it since no one was staying there over the summer.  I know it isn't a very nice house...but I grew up staying in it EVERY summer!  I can still remember the sound of the sliding door waking me up each morning...I could barely wait to get out on the deck with everyone and have coffee (yes, I started drinking coffee when I was about 3!)  The house was on the front row and you could sit on that deck forever and just listen to the waves.  My grandmother would be in the kitchen making biscuits and gravy and my sister and I would wake up and stay in our swimsuits all day long! In the evenings  we would take walks down the beach and find treasures.  You'd take a bath and still end up with sand in your bed! I have so many memories of those summers with my family.  My heart sank when I saw all that was left after Ike. The Seachild has washed out to sea now but I'll always have those memories...and a few pictures!

me and lindsay on the deck

going for a treasure walk! sister found a is still a running joke in our family!

the Seachild this summer
chloe on the deck
chloe on the steps
all thats left

valentines day

nate and I enjoyed a night out on the town in houston for valentines day thanks to his parents! we hit up Lupe's...(mmmmmmmm!) and then Nate indulged me by agreeing to see "confessions of a shopaholic"!  Luckily, he wasn't the only guy in the theater! :) At Lupe's they gave all the girls red roses...Nate and I laughed because red roses are probably my least favorite flowers...after sunflowers (gross!) and carnations (blah!).  Nate learned early on that I would much prefer hydrangeas, peonies or pink or white roses.  So, needless to say our little valentine got the red rose! She appreciated it much more than I would have! Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa! We really enjoyed our date night! :)

do you like how we decided to take action shots of each other rather than having our nice waitress do it for us?! Remind me NOT to bring a 50mm prime lens next time...I think you can see every single one of my dang freckles in this picture! Ugh!!! :)

our little cashier!

chloe had a blast this weekend with her new little cash register that grandma and grandpa gave her! she LOVES to scan everything! 

waiting for her surprise!

wednesday afternoon...

on wednesday afternoon caleb & caroline came over to play after school! the weather was beautiful so we played outside! they had a great time "riding" in the boat and playing house!