Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chloe, Cade and Jason Kujda!

We went to Lupe's in Houston with some college friends a few days ago and took this funny picture of Jason with Chloe and Cade (Tom Kelleys son). Chloe and Cade are only a few weeks apart and are so funny together! Chloe did give Cade a kiss...much to the dismay of her father. I do think that Chloe Kelley sounds pretty darn cute! :)
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas!

Christmas Eve Eve, (Sunday) we spent at Poppy and Grammys house (my grandparents) at the lake. We enjoyed seeing everyone and Chloe loved hanging with all her boy cousins! Christmas Eve we went to the service at IBC and had Jesus's Birthday at our house with my family, Daltie and Sheri and the boys. Since we were leaving for Houston on Christmas Day we did presents with them on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we woke up and opened Christmas and we stopped by for a quick bite and Mimi and Papas where Santa had left Chloes new tricycle and off we went to Houston. When we arrived in Houston we had more Christmas! We are so thankful for all of our family that we are able to see at Christmas and so thankful for Christ's birth!
Christmas at Poppy and Grammys

Chloe in her new fancy tutu!

Chloe on Christmas morning playing with her new Barbie laptop and her picnic table

Chloe and her new tricycle

Looking at Grandma and Grandpas new deck!

Chloe's new bounce house!

Doing some vacuuming in her new overalls

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

"I love Thee, Lord Jesus, look down from the sky
And stay by my cradle till morning is nigh.
Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me, I pray;
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care,
And fit us for Heaven to live with Thee there."

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!
love, nate, courtney & chloe

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

pajama pancake party

this morning we went to molly & paiges house for pancakes! a lot of us had bought the girls christmas gowns at chi omega christmas, so they got to wear those! the pancakes were super loved the chocolate chip ones...i wonder why?! :) Molly was so sweet to host all of us and was a great chef!!! thanks so much!!
chef molly making us pancakes!

chloe screaming!!!!

chloe, caleb and bennett

we attempted one big didnt really work! this is probably only 1/2 the kids-but this was the only one where chloe wasnt screaming!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


tonight we went to dinner with my family for my birthday at la hacienda-yum! chloe and papa enjoyed riding the you can see! anyways-here are a few pictures!
Chloe is a little nervous about the large bear behind us

Chloe is STILL a little nervous about that bear!

happy birthday to me!

yipppeeee! todays my birthday! yea! my sweet husband surprised me with a cake he made so i had a yummy treat for breakfast! then mary was kind enough to watch chloe so that i could go to my bible study christmas brunch-thanks mary! chloe and i met katherine and the twins, mary and coleman and melissa and her kiddos at chick-fil-a for my birthday lunch! it was so tasty and fun! thanks friends! i think HBO must have heard its my birthday too, because one of my favorite movies, with by far the BEST soundtrack, Out of Africa, is on today! oh what a perfect day! here are some of the crazy ones at lunch...
my silly girl

the twins!

Chloe and Bella

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas parties

Chloe at the party...with her purse of course!
This weekend we went to the Hodders Christmas party and an outdoor Christmas thing at our church! Chloe loved playing with her friends at the Hodders and really loved ALL the fun things at church! There were bounce houses and a petting zoo AND Santa! Chloe kept wanting to go back to Santa, saying "ho, ho". She has finally warmed up to him & she just sat right up in his lap like she understood exactly what she was supposed to do!! She did so good, third times the charm apparently with him! Here are some pictures!
Chloe and Ally playing in the band

Chloe in her first bounce house-a little unsure at first. (with her friends, Caleb, Caroline and Jonah)

Finally getting up and bouncing!

Chloe and Santa!

Chloe and Mommy in the petting zoo

Chloe and Mommy are both a little unsure about the farm animals!

Do we have to go?!

Friday, December 14, 2007

playgroup and packages

this morning we went to go play at Bennett and Isabella's house with Caroline and Caleb! I thought Chloe might take a nap at their house, but she refused. She knew all her friends were downstairs playing and having a good time! Who can sleep through that?! I think that Bennett is in love with Chloe, all he wants to do is hug her and give her kisses! He is so funny! Chloe is slowly but surely warming up to him and by the end was trying to do the same tricks Bennett was. When we got home we had two packages on our front porch! Thank you sweet Jenny for our yummy treats and cute little ornament thingy! AND thank you grandma and grandpa for the adorable christmas things! here is our little elf with some of her new things! :)
Chloe didn't want to give up her cup of ice in either picture! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

christmas chapel

last night i went to see my cousins Brooks and Jonahs christmas chapel. they go to covenant private school in dallas and so each year this is like their christmas program. they both did great, but my favorite part of the evening was when the kindergarten kids sang their little song. I LOVE little kids voices! Especially at christmas time-their little voices are so sweet! AND they were all dressed up like little animals! They sang a song I had never heard before but loved. I for some reason don't always pay attention to the actual words in songs and what they are actually saying...but at Christmas time you just have to! So here are the words to this sweet little song...along with pictures of my sweet little cousins...although they aren't so little any more! The song is called "Friendly Beasts" and I love the thought of what the animals were doing in the stable that blessed night!
Brooks (8th grade) Jonah (3rd grade)

Jesus our brot
her, kind and good
Was humbly born in a stable rude
And the friendly beasts around Him stood
Jesus our brother, kind and good.

"I," said the donkey, shaggy and brown,
"I carried His mother up hill and down;
I carried her safely to Bethlehem town."
"I," said the donkey, shaggy and brown.

"I," said the cow, all white and red
"I gave Him my manger for a bed;
I gave Him my hay to pillow His head."
"I," said the cow, all white and red.

"I," said the sheep with curly horn,
"I gave Him my wool for His blanket warm;
He wore my coat on Christmas morn."
"I," said the sheep with curly horn.
"I," said the dove from the rafters high,
"Cooed Him to sleep that He should not cry;
We cooed Him to sleep, my mate and I."
"I," said the dove from the rafters high.

"I," said the camel, yellow and black,
"Over the desert, upon my back,
I brought Him a gift in the Wise Men's pack."
"I," said the camel, yellow and black.

Thus every beast by some good spell
In the stable dark was glad to tell
Of the gift he gave Emmanuel,
The gift he gave Emmanuel.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my little princess

so this morning i had to go to the doctor because i have an ear infection, yes an ear infection! i dont think i've had an ear ache since i was like 5, but i have one now-go figure! Anyways-the point of my story is how funny Chloe is. I told Chloe, "Come on, let's go to the doctor" and she spun around the living room looking for something, finally she saw her tiara and grabbed it and said "uh uh" which means put this on please :) so, long story short-she would not leave the house without her tiara and her purse today! how is it that girls can be SO girlie??!! she kept it on all morning and in the car ride there was even waving out the window! i don't get it! i mean-where does she learn this? Although this may actually come to surprise some people...I DO NOT wear tiaras around the least not anymore! But when I was in first grade I snuck my tiara into my backpack and wore a tiara for my first grade picture! Apparently girlie-ness is inherited a bit! I LOVE IT! :) I would love to show you my first grade picture...but all we have is the tiny proof of it, because my mom made my do re-takes! For the record Chloe...I will not make you do retakes! :) I think its great!!! :) Here is a picture of Chloe finally leaving the house...its a bit fuzzy because i took it with my phone!

my lovely stove

Yesterday we hosted the playgroup at our house, easy right? Wrong!!! The morning started out smooth, Chloe went down well for her morning nap, the house was clean and I had already made the chicken pot pie-I just had to bake it! So-I did! That also went smoothly...until I couldn't turn off the oven! No joke-could not turn off the oven!!! Scary right?!?! I is my oven and its like 400 degrees and no matter what I do it will not stop heating! At this point we have two guests already here and I'm having visions of the house burning down!!! Luckily, Brynn was smart enough to suggest just turning the breaker off! Duh! Thank goodness she knew what to do! So...I just was reminded that you can't have control of everything! Thanks for the reminder God! We also went to the Men of Tuesday dinner at church tonight and in the tradition of good ol' southern baptists it was a covered dish occasion..LUCKILY my oven worked just fine! Phewf! Here is a picture of the crew at playgroup...minus Hallie who left early!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gingerbread Party

Sunday afternoon we went to The Nelsons Christmas party with Chloe. She had a lot of fun with her friends and made a reindeer out of her footprint, decorated a gingerbread house and ate lots of goodies! She was very picky with what she wanted to put on her house. Brynn said Chloe was trying to make her's a two story gingerbread house because she wanted to continue to put everything on the very top of her roof. I do think that her favorite part of the party was eating the icing off the roof! Thanks Kristen for a fun party! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Santa baby

tonight we went to suzannes party with mom and dad, & lindsay and lance and had a really good time! Chloe is slowly warming up to Santa...kind of! She is a big fan of blowing him kisses and laughing at him, but still not sitting in his lap! Suzanne had crafts and treats for the kids, and Chloe colored a beautiful picture and came home with baby Jesus in a walnut to hang on the tree. I mean seriously, what party is complete without baby Jesus! Here are some pictures!

Chloe watching Mr. and Mrs. Claus come in the front door



looking at the pretty ornaments with Papa


This afternoon we took Chloe to the downtown Neimans to shop and see Santa. She loved looking at all the toys and pretty things. The photographer there was so good with her and spent so much time with us! She wasn't a huge fan of Santa, but she was curious! At first she thought he was kind of funny because he was kind of singing and dancing...but once it came time for her to sit on his lap, she didn't think he was so funny! We had a few shots of Chloe with outstretched arms looking at us like, "Don't leave me with this crazy man!!!". But we did get a few good ones and our favorite was a sweet picture of Chloe and Santa looking at each other. We headed to the downtown el fenix where Chloe flirted with the owner, why couldn't he have been Santa?! Little does Chloe know it, but we are headed to a Christmas party this evening guessed it Santa's on the guest list! Should be interesting!!! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Nick came today!

So, Nate grew up with the tradition of putting out his Christmas list on December 5 and St. Nick picking it up and leaving treats in his stocking. So this morning Chloe woke up and magically St. Nick had come! He was very nice and brought Chloe a My Little Pony, a Backyardigans DVD and a Snow White wand! Here are some pictures of her looking in her stocking!