Friday, September 26, 2008

yea for book orders!!!! at my room mom meeting I found out that Chloe gets to do Scholastic book orders!!!! I'm not sure why my friends aren't as excited as I am, maybe it is the teacher in me, but I am sooo pumped!!! I used to love circling the books I wanted, turning in my order and then...soon...the teacher hands out all the pretty, new, beautiful books!!! I think Chloe likes it too! We circled some books today!!!

coleman's birthday party!

on sunday we celebrated coleman's 2nd birthday!!! chloe got to jump in the bounce house, play in the sand and water table and get naked...yep..that's right she got naked.  Her favorite thing at the party was the sand and water table, probably since I insist on not buying one...I mean, sand plus water?! who wants that all over their child?! yes, i know, i know, I am NOT being the fun mom :) anyways-she loved it and got it ALL over her, so for the rest of the party she was naked, except for her diaper! Coleman LOVED it!!! He kept laughing at her and saying "Chloe naked!!!" Hopefully this will be the first and last of Chloe getting naked at Colemans birthday party...
ah...the fun begins...
done with the bounce house
grabbing some lovin
and the clothes are off!
one happy boy!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

homecoming game

last night we went to eat with family and then headed to the homecoming football game! chloe loved every minute of it-including seeing Tony Romo! 

sitting with lindsay & pal

before the game
having fun!
time to go home!

Friday, September 19, 2008

homecoming parade

last night we went to the homecoming parade! chloe looooooved it! seriously-what kid doesn't like parades?! she waved at the people, danced to the music and ate lots of candy! 

cute cheerleading skirt huh? :0 wait till you see what she is wearing to the game tonight!!!!!
silly goose
watching the band!
look at our candy!
time to put the candy away!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


today was chloe's second day of school, as we were leaving I grabbed the camera and asked her to smile...this is what I got...

it looks like she is about to beat some kid up, lovely.

she had a great day at school though and I was AMAZED at how much I could get done while she was there! Don't worry Chloe, I missed you, but it was a lot easier getting in and out of stores! :0 tonight we met our friends from church at chick-fil-a.  it was deeeee-lish of course! here are some pictures! 5

Time to head home! We hung out a bit on Tuesday morning...but then it was time to head to the airport!!! Chloe slept most of the way home! Yea!!!!!  Thank you so much Grandpa Jim & Grandma June for opening up your home to all of us! We LOVED seeing you and had such a wonderful time! We love you so much!!! 4

we got up on Monday morning and headed back to Naples! We made a few stops-but we were ready to get back to our baby!
leaving the hotel
aren't these people scary? they were so big!
a Key deer-just hanging out in someones front yard!
having fun with Mommy

pretending to be sleeping with Grandpa

playing with her treat we brought her back from the keys..a new pink puppy

watching Annie 3

On our third day, Nate and I went on our own little vacation!! Nates parents & grandparents were kind enough to keep Chloe and send us to the keys!! We stayed at a beeeeeeautiful hotel in Key West! We went shopping, swimming and just relaxed!! 
before dinner
our hotel
in the lobby
the view from our room

at Hemingways

and i actually fhad time to read a book!! this one was very good...but was hard to get through parts of it!!